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namestringThe name of the file tree entry
childrenarrayThe list of children files of the directory (only valid for the directory type)
contentTypestringThe content-type of the file (only valid for the file type)
modenumberThe file "mode" indicating file type and permissions.
symlinkstringNot currently used. See file-list-to-tree.ts.
typestringString indicating the type of file tree entry.
uidstringThe unique identifier of the file (only valid for the file type)


NameAccessible byRequired ParamsDescription
list_deployment_filesSELECTid, teamIdAllows to retrieve the file structure of a deployment by supplying the deployment unique identifier.
get_deployment_file_contentsEXECfileId, id, teamIdAllows to retrieve the content of a file by supplying the file identifier and the deployment unique identifier. The response body will contain the raw content of the file.
upload_fileEXECteamIdBefore you create a deployment you need to upload the required files for that deployment. To do it, you need to first upload each file to this endpoint. Once that's completed, you can create a new deployment with the uploaded files. The file content must be placed inside the body of the request. In the case of a successful response you'll receive a status code 200 with an empty body.