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idstringThe unique identifier of the log drain. Always prefixed with ld_
namestringThe name of the log drain
branchstringThe branch regexp of log drain
clientIdstringThe oauth2 client application id that created this log drain
configurationIdstringThe client configuration this log drain was created with
createdAtnumberA timestamp that tells you when the log drain was created
createdFromstringWhether the log drain was created by an integration or by a user
deliveryFormatstringThe delivery log format
environmentstringThe environment of log drain
headersobjectThe headers to send with the request
ownerIdstringThe identifier of the team or user whose events will trigger the log drain
projectIdsarrayThe identifier of the projects this log drain is associated with
sourcesarrayThe sources from which logs are currently being delivered to this log drain.
urlstringThe URL to call when logs are generated


NameAccessible byRequired ParamsDescription
get_integration_log_drainsSELECTteamIdRetrieves a list of all Integration log drains that are defined for the authenticated user or team. When using an OAuth2 token, the list is limited to log drains created by the authenticated integration.
create_log_drainINSERTteamId, data__name, data__urlCreates an Integration log drain. This endpoint must be called with an OAuth2 client (integration), since log drains are tied to integrations. If it is called with a different token type it will produce a 400 error.
delete_integration_log_drainDELETEid, teamIdDeletes the Integration log drain with the provided id. When using an OAuth2 Token, the log drain can be deleted only if the integration owns it.